Don't blind yourself because others lack vision. For the blind, three-eyes are a terror, incomprehensible. 

I might lose my life in this city.

They say I’m the villain. I’m starting to believe it.

Broadcasting live from the city where eye-contact is a sin—

Broadcasting live from the city where eye-contact is a sin—

Little n-- , slow to trigger

By the rails 

Off his rocker 

Toes to a cliff called "Wit's End" 

It's him again— 

Black bastard hapahazard with the rhyme scheme

Whose mind swings between 

Wearied and wary 

Head bowed by the basmati or 

Smiling slightly at the sky. 

Lithe-mind, live-life, crept off of SEPTA and leapt right into that action 

Backpack all books, head full of fables, bellyful of someone's else's medication

Swaying gently in the function

This union's denizens have a knack for blowing hats off of cats that look like [me] (read:melaninated)

And walk like that,

Those who ink their thoughts rather than wrap them in tracks

In fact,

To think like this or talk like that [⇈]

(i.e. kicking so much vocab that we speak the same language but we don't speak the same language)

Is surely a sentence of some kind


I've never banged a day in my life but corner boys want to take me off or blast me

Plotting, cause I look like I got it

And to make matters worse,

Los Caballeros Blancos en camiones blancos quieren montarme


no soy un caballo

ni una perra

ni un negro de plantación de días pasados (y algunos más cerca de lo que crees)

las balas, lost balance

You call them h███ ██ ███ ██████

I ███████ ████ █ ████ █ ████ ████ ████ ███ ████

Idle eyes questioning the content of my character

I was hoping me and babygirl could get parallel.

I was just hoping someone would keep the peace

Step out to eat, I fear for my life. 

Walking the street, do me they might

Soulless stand ground with "just might".

They say I'm the villain 

I know I'm the light...

I wonder if I made it home safe tonight.