Your financial patronage of my art is a blessing for which I am extremely grateful. In a world where so many of our brothers and sisters are without basic necessities or suffering the (solvable) afflictions of hunger, war, homelessness, and sickness, I consider it a privilege that I am able to create. Beyond that, it is a privilege to know that people find my art, skills, perspective, and time valuable, and are willing to support my efforts financially.

I am grateful to be of sound mind and body. I am grateful for all which the universe has given me.

As an expression of my gratitude, and in keeping with how I was raised, I’d like to pay the blessing forward by donating 10% of sale proceeds to charitable causes.

I thought it best that I present you options to choose from. Please see below.

(I am working on a way to allow you to select the recipient on your checkout page, but for now, I will contact you directly to ask where you’d like your 10% to go. You will receive a receipt. This list may change in the future. If you would like to suggest an organization, send me a message.)


The Greater Chicago Food Depository runs a variety of food pantry and community kitchen programs to help feed those in need in the greater Chicago area. As Chicago has been facing record-low temperatures, donations ill have a great impact on making sure families do not have to choose between food and warmth. Website

This program uses 92.4% of its total expenses on the programs and services it delivers. For more info, visit the Charity Navigator portal.


The One Acre Fund delivers training, financing, and other tools to small farmers in sub-Saharan African nations. Communities which are able to produce their own food have increased quality of life. The fund has a proven track record of growth and impact. Website

This program uses 92.1% of its total expenses on the programs and services it delivers. For more info, visit the Charity Navigator portal.


My friend Lindsay Bowe has been battling polymyositis, an autoimmune disease which came on suddenly, atrophied her muscles, and left her vulnerable to a host of other medical complications. Lindsay currently requires a wheelchair for mobility, and assistance from her family and caretakers to accomplish basic day-to-day tasks which many of us take for granted. Lindsay can recover, but only with the right medical care. Click here for her story.

Update: Lindsay started a blog! It’s here. The donation’s she’s received from print sales, to date, have already made an impact in helping her afford care. Thank you infinitely for your support.

(Donations to Linds will be processed through PayPal.)

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